Elkin Guzman - Striped Bourbon

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Elkin Guzman is a bit of a rock star when it comes to coffee producers. He is known for his experimentation not only with processing but as well as with varieties. Elkin and his mother, Mrs. Fanny Vargas are in charge of the operation and development of processes on the farm of Finca El Mirador. In 2016, Lem Butler (co-owner) visited the farm and got to meet Elkin Guzman, however it was not until recently through social media that we at Black & White were able to connect. 

This means of connecting has become an increasingly popular way to communicate between producers and coffee roasters. Facebook and WhatsApp are the most common ways for us to communicate directly with the majority of our directly sources coffees. 

Thanks to Ally coffee, we were able to taste Elkins favorite lots, and we selected one of the most complex and fruit forward Natural process coffees to share.  

This lot is a Striped Bourbon, which is a natural mutation of the famed Bourbon Variety. In fact Elkin Guzman discovered this variety from a sample sent to him from a producer in San Adolfo. When Elkin consulted with the producer, he told Elkin that it was a coffee that he had some years ago and had decided to leave it despite the susceptibility to rust but he liked its production. Elkin saw the potential in this variety and started growing it on Finca El Mirador.

Striped Bourbon showcases a more vibrant acidity and when paired with Elkin's Anaerobic Natural process gives this coffee a vibrant, fruit forward taste with complex juicy acidity, and intense sweetness. There isn't much you more you could wish for.

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Producer: Elkin Guzman

Farm: Finca El Mirador

Variety: Striped Bourbon

Location: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1550 - 1700 masl

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