ESP Buzzz - Discraft

$20.00 USD

Color w/Stamp

THE FLIGHT NUMBERS | 5 | 4 | -1 | 1


OUR THOUGHTS | The Buzzz is Discraft's flagship mold. Originally tooled as a beadless Wasp, the Buzzz has grown to be, arguably, the best straight midrange in disc golf. This is due to its dependable 'point-and-shoot' flight. It's stability (ability to hold the line) is almost unrivaled.

Keaton uses the Buzzz for a myriad of shot shapes. It can be made to fly straight, hold a turnover line, or glide on a drifting hyzer. Kyle and Keaton both bag a 'beat in' Buzzz for hyzerflip lines that push straight. Because of its dependability and straight flight, this mold is a good option for all levels of golfers. 

FROM THE MANUFACTURER | "The Buzzz is described by others as the perfect midrange disc. It is extremely reliable and fun to throw."