Fabian Echeverry - Lot 11

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This year we started working with Mikava Coffee, a family affair that is making some truly stunning coffees. They took 1st Place in the Cup of Excellence North Colombia this year with a beautiful Carbonic Maceration Natural Gesha.  

Most coffees are not Gesha, but they can still be special. We are excited to have this coffee from producer, Fabian Echeverry in Risaralda, Colombia. Fabian is the Father of Kevin, the producer or our Mikava Lot 8 coffee. This Is the first year that Fabian's coffee wasn't sold to the FNC, which is the internal mass blending "Colombian Coffee" idea that all farmers can sell parchment (or green coffee) to, at any time for a price linked to the C-Market. We were blown away that this coffee had just been blended off and lost the massive production that is Colombia.

This coffee is a traditional variety, and processed in traditional washed coffee methods. It boasts big tropical fruits, with a distinct red apple aroma and a huge sweetness that is reminiscent of NC wildflower honey. These flavors we don't get often from coffee in general but are always excited when we do. 

Chance encounters sometimes make for amazing stories. We met Paul at the Ikawa booth in Seattle and now we have the distinct pleasure of buying all of his father's coffee that was brought to the USA also. This is a very new relationship and we can't wait to see where it takes us. 

Farm: Finca Bella Vista

Process: Washed, and sun dried 

Elevation: 1570 masl


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