Familia Campos Roa

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Some producer stories have more of a personal twist. Kyle met Diego in person for the first time at the World Barista Championship in Seoul, South Korea. Diego was, and is currently, the Colombian National Barista Champion. Kyle had seen Diego in passing as he worked with Tim Wendelboe, the famous nordic Barista Champion and Coffee visionary, but this was the first time in person. Kyle and Diego were on the same team in Seoul. (Oddly enough there are teams at the World Barista Championships, and these teams compete to win Origin trips and other prizes).

Since Kyle and Diego were on the same team, their prep tables were in the same area. At a barista competition, tensions and nerves are high, so it is really hard to get to know someone. Thankfully that isn't where the story ended. They ended up keeping in touch through facebook, and then saw each other again in person in 2019 at Diego's father-in-law's farm.

Shortly there after, Kyle and Diego began chatting about the coffee Diego was about to produce. Through our friends at Osito Coffee, Kyle was able to taste and purchase some of Diego's first large coffee production. Kyle is especially excited to share this coffee with everyone!

Diego has been experimenting with Anaerobic Processing at his farm. This lot was held in cherry for 48 hours where the natural bacteria on the surface of the coffee cherry begin to ferment the sugars in the fruit of the coffee. This fermentation produces lactic acid to increase the acidity of the coffee. The coffee is then washed and dried in the traditional Colombian fashion, giving it a clean and sweet profile. The anaerobic process of this lot has a relatively low impact so that the variety and flavor of the coffee shine over and above the processing.

Relationships are important to us and they are also important to Diego. When Kyle told him he wanted to put his name on the packaging, Diego was adamant that we put not only his name but the family, since it wasn't just him that produced the coffee. Such an amazing guy! 

We are so happy to share this coffee with you. Familia Campos Roa!

Region: La Plata, Huila, Colombia

Variety: various

Process: anaerobic washed

Elevation: 1,950 masl

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