Gasharu Natural - 72hr Anaerobic

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Chris Rusatira wears a lot of hats. For starters, he's a Rwandan currently living in Baltimore, MD. He was trained as a medical doctor in his homeland, but he also grew up in a family that has been involved in coffee farming for over 40 years. Currently, he's the co-founder of Umuko Coffee, a black-owned coffee import company seeking to facilitate direct relationships between farmers in Rwanda and roasters here in America.

And that's where our stories intersect! Umuko is one of our newest partners, and they literally showed up at one of our cafes in Raleigh one day to drop off green coffee samples from Gasharu region of Rwanda. When we roasted and cupped them, we were blown away! Amazingly vibrant and complex, this coffee gave us all the fruity, "big candy" vibes we look for in a natural coffee, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Rwanda may not be the first country you think of when considering coffee-producing countries in Africa, but they are becoming an absolute powerhouse in fermentation. This lot, a product of 72-hour anaerobic fermentation, is an excellent example of these processing methods done beautifully. In the cup, we experienced notes of tangerine, grape candy, and bing cherry - reminiscent of our favorite tropical fruit-flavored candies!

There is (at least) one more hat that Chris Rusatira is wearing, and it is perhaps the most important one: in addition to working tirelessly to import and introduce coffees from his home country of Rwanda to the specialty coffee scene here in America, he is also committed to enriching the lives of those who are working those coffee farms back home. Establishing a daycare facility at each coffee station, using their facilities as a healthcare access point for those in the surrounding communities, and spearheading livestock initiatives to promote social and economic resilience throughout the Gasharu region, are all a part of Umuko's vision as a company. For these reasons and others, we are so proud to partner with them to bring you this beautiful coffee. If it's your first cup from Rwanda, cheers. You're in for something really special.

Process | anaerobic natural

Variety | various

Elevation | 1700 - 2100 masl

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