Gesha Village - Narsha Lot 44

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If you are like us, you've come to expect truly exceptional things from the team at Gesha Village. Our newest Black Label offering is absolutely no different! We have purchased a few select lots from the Gesha Village Estate, harvested in January and February of 2021. These coffees are crazy early and we are so excited to offer some of the freshest coffee from Gesha Village in the world. We will be releasing these lots over the coming weeks, so there is much to look forward to!

The Gesha Village Estate has shown great care and attention to detail in selecting and cultivating wild varietals from the forests of Ethiopia, where the coffee tree originates. The Narsha Lot #44 is comprised entirely of a varietal they have named Gesha 1931. This name is based on the year when Gesha varietal coffees are believed to have been first taken to Costa Rica and subsequently Colombia and Panama. The 1931 varietal is genetically almost identical to what is cultivated in Panama where so much hype around the Gesha varietal has been generated in the last 10ish years. 

This naturally processed coffee is what we view as the archetype for naturally processed coffee from the Gesha Village Estate. It is processed at elevation, meaning the processing is happening at the same location where the coffee is grown. This lot is not the fruitiest coffee in the world, but it is intensely floral and sweet. The crisp raspberry fruitiness, vibrant jasmine florals, and cup complexity are why we fell in love with coffee from the Gesha Village Estate. This coffee exemplifies all of that so well. Getting to share coffees that excite us with the world is why we do what we do. So please, enjoy this coffee and we hope it excites you for what is coming very soon! 

Origin: Gori Gesha Forest, Gesha Village, Ethiopia  

Producers: Gesha Village Estate

Process: Natural 

Variety: Gesha 1931

Elevation: 1963 - 1977 masl

Harvest: 1/25/21 - 2/16/21

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