Gogogu Natural - Instant Coffee

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We took some of our favorite single origin coffees and made them into instant coffee! We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each

Description of Coffee | 

There's something really special about the Wate Gogogu washing station. Although coffee has been grown in the Uraga region of Ethiopia for some time, the coffee farms in Wate Gogogu are some of the youngest in all of Ethiopia, with most of their producing trees being a mere 5-10 years old. But here's where the really special part comes in - despite that youth, this lot from Gogogu reminds us of the natural Ethiopian coffees of old. Delightfully floral and wonderfully complex, this coffee really leans into that incredible fruited profile that we recognize from our very first encounters with a cup of natural Ethiopian coffee.

Kadir Jabril is the producer credited with understanding the quality potential of the Uraga region and building his washing station in Wate Gogogu a few years ago. From there, he and his brothers, Abdi and Feku, process coffees from his own farm and also source them from small producers in the surrounding Kabele community.

If the unique name of this washing station sounds familiar to you (try saying it ten times fast!), that's because we have offered lots from Wate Gogogu before this one, and we think it's safe to say that Kadir & company have officially made loyal and frequent customers out of us. In this delightfully nostalgic cup, we encountered lots of florality, loads of big, purple fruit vibes, and apricot. It's all wrapped up in a lovely complexity that just blew us away, and we can't wait to share it with you. 


Producers or Washing Station | Kadir Jabril (and many small producers from the Kabele community)

Process | natural

Variety | heirloom landraces

Elevation | 2000 - 2280 masl

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