Jakub Lazuardi - Anaerobic Natural

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You don't see Indonesian coffees on our menu very often, but this one from Jakub Lazuardi should be a familiar face. We first tasted one of Jakub's coffees a couple of years ago when our friend, Caleb (of Cahaya Coffee), reached out and compelled us to cup a few coffee samples from Indonesia. We were floored by Jakub's coffee on the cupping table that day, and he hasn't stopped impressing us since. Originally from nearby Sumatra, Jakub grew up on his family's coffee farm in Medan before coming to the US for his undergraduate degree. After graduation, he returned to coffee - but rather than going home, he moved to Java, Indonesia, and planted both roots and coffee trees on Cikole Estate.

Cikole Estate is nestled under the lush tree cover of Maribaya Forest, and its close proximity to Tankuban Perhau - Java's most active volcano region - make it ideally situated for producing Jakub's carefully selected Typica lots. 

The beans that made their way onto our cupping table and into these bags went through a rigorous vetting process prior to their arrival. First, ripe cherries were hand-selected by Jakub before being picked. They then spent time in airtight plastic bags to encourage anaerobic fermentation until reaching a specified pH level, at which time the cherries were transferred to the greenhouse for drying. Next, they were hulled and sent through a series of sorting phases, removing any overripe or over-fermented beans in the process. 

What we are left with is an intensely fruity, exceedingly delicious coffee with huge mouth feel. Jakub's intense dedication to controlling each step of processing is responsible for this coffee's unique ability to have those incredibly juicy notes - think mango candy and strawberry jam - without the characteristic "funkiness" that often accompanies such flavors. When tasting this coffee, we were also reminded of bourbon barrel maple syrup - a lesser known but unequivocal companion to pancakes, waffles, and the like. In fact, the whole experience sort of reminds us of brunch - which would be an excellent companion to this coffee, come to think of it. 

Farm | Cikole Estate

Producer | Jakub Lazuardi

Process | anaerobic natural

Variety | typica

Elevation | 1300 - 1500 masl

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