Cafe de Alta

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There's something special about our green label coffees. They are delicious, unique, and yet above all else, approachable. These are the coffees you share with your friends, regardless of how "into" specialty coffee those friends might be. They bring us a sense of familiarity and comfort when we sip them. Friends, this Palestina blend from Colombia is no different. This lot comes from a group of twenty leading families in specialty coffee production in the Palestina area, the municipality after which the blend is named. Coffee coming from this region is some of the most desirable in all of Colombia, due in large part to its ideal climatic conditions along the Andes mountain range.

The coffee producers in Palestina prefer to process their coffees as washed coffee because they believe this results in a profile that expresses the characteristic terroir of the region, with lovely acidity, ctirus, yellow fruit, ample sweetness and accentuated cleanliness. Fermentation is a long and slow process here, where temperatures are lower (between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius). Drying typically takes place in the sun, either in casillas or parabolic dryers, a process which takes an average of 15 days.

Those of you who have been around here awhile know we love to highlight crazy, wild, intense flavor profiles - and we do! But this is not one of those coffees. This coffee is like your favorite pair of jeans - it's comfortable and familiar and steadfast. In the cup, we tasted notes of red cherry, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. It's delightfully sweet, reminding us those old fashioned chocolate-covered cherries. We think it's the perfect coffee to share when you sit down to catch up with an old friend - because that's exactly what it feels like to sip it.

Producers or Washing Station | 20 farmers of the "Association Group of Producers of Cafe de Alta Calidad of Sur del Huila"

Farm | Cafe de Alta

Process | Washed

Variety | Cattura, Colombia, Tabi

Elevation | 1600 - 1900 masl

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