Jawbreaker Zone - Discraft

Color w/Stamp
$15.00 USD

THE FLIGHT NUMBERS | 4 | 3 | 0 | 3 

THE PLASTIC | Jawbreaker

OUR THOUGHTS | The Zone is the gold standard for overstable approach discs. Most manufacturers have attempted to replicate the mold, but the Zone still remains a go-to for many golfers. The mold is known for its ability to take the torque from forehands and deliver a reliable overstable finish. This disc can be utilized by any level of player. Though, its uses will broaden for the more advanced players.  

The Zone in the Jawbreaker plastic provides an attractive variation to the more premium plastics. The Jawbreaker plastic has a balanced tacky feel in the hand. It retains less energy upon impact mitigating large skips. And, it provides a straighter flight than the overstable flight of premium plastics.

FROM THE MANUFACTURER | "The Zone overstable putt and approach disc is the go-to workhorse putter for dependable overstability in any conditions. Often used for technical approaches or powerful upshots for both forehand and backhand players."