Kayon Mountain

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The Kayon Mountain farm is located in the Guji zone of Ethiopia's Shakiso district and owned by Esmael Hassen. Coffee growing has been a core part of the Guji Oromo people's culture and of the surrounding highland area. Geographically in terms of cup flavor Guji coffee is quite distinct and can have more full bodied fruity notes depending on the processing. Kayon Mountain is a great representation of a natural process Guji coffee with notes of fresh berries, apricots and chocolate. It Is balanced and sweet and an exceptional coffee. 

It is always a bit of a race to see who gets what coffee to the US the fastest. This year Cafe Imports came through with a stunner from Guji for us. We have bought lots from Kayon Mountain before and we are happy to see it return. This estate produces amazing natural process coffees with complex fruit and a restraint that leads to a really clean cup that compliments the varieties in this area. Guji coffees seem to all have a stone fruit like character that is often very peachy.  This coffee keeps that along with the nice florals while adding in that complex red fruit character. Super tasty and super early. Gotta Love it.

Farm: Kayon Mountain Farm 

Variety: Ethiopian Varieties 

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1900 - 2200 masl

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