Kenean Dukamo COE #8

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What do you do when the South African barista champion comes to town and asks you to show him "what America is really like?" You take him to the North Carolina State Fair, of course! Well, that's what we did back in 2018, anyway. When Winston Douglas came to Raleigh to train with Kyle and Lem before competing at the 2018 World Barista Championship (WBC) in Amsterdam, he asked us to do just that. So, we took him to the fair and made him watch pig races, ride a few questionable carnival rides, and - most notably - eat a giant smoked turkey leg. That might not be our first memory with Winston, but it is definitely one of our favorites.

Winston Douglas has won the South African Barista Championship a stunning three times over the past five years. We first met him in Seoul, South Korea, when he was competing in WBC for the first time back in 2017. Winston is a born competitor, a storied champion, and a kind friend. When the opportunity to collaborate with him and other friends in the coffee community arose, we couldn't pass it up! This incredible coffee - which is the product of cross-continental collaboration itself! - has been donated to Winston's 2022 WBC run by David Buehrer of Greenway Coffee (Houston, TX), who used it in his USBC run earlier this year. We at Black & White are in turn donating our roasting, packaging, consulting, and time to this cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this black label coffee will be used to help Winston fund his travel ahead of the competition so that he can come back to Raleigh and train with us at our lab.

Okay, now that we've introduced you to Winston Douglas (of whom we are clearly big fans), let's talk about this really special coffee. You're probably curious about what we mean by "cross-continental collaboration." Kenean Dukamo COE #8 is a project between Josue Morales of Los Volcanes (in Guatemala) and Kenean Dukamo of Dukamo Assefa Kerma (in Sidama, Ethiopia). Kenean learned a unique fermenting process from Josue called "aerobic dry fermentation," which is controlled by containing warm air in the area the coffee is fermenting. This style of fermentation is very popular in Josue's region of Guatemala but had scarcely been utilized in Ethiopia. This method, when employed at the altitudes where Kenean's farm resides (2200-2300 masl), resulted in a truly stunning coffee, with tasting notes of white flowers, lemon candy, and carabao mango. It is complex, heavy, and tropical - but without being distinctly boozy in character. And, all of that collaborative effort paid off - this lot won Kenean 8th place in this year's Cup of Excellence! In fact, his was the only washed coffee in the Top 30 this year - an impressive run for this truly remarkable coffee.

In that same spirit of collaboration in excellence, we are so excited to partner with Winston, David Buehrer, and others in our shared goal of getting Winston to WBC and making sure he crushes it there! We would love for you, too, to join with us in this endeavor. By filling your cup with this delicious coffee, you will be helping fill the cups that Winston serves to his judges in Melbourne later this year - and that's a pretty cool cross-continental collab, if you ask us.

Farm | Assefa Dukamo Kerma

Producers | Kenean Dukamo

Process |  aerobic dry fermentation

Variety | various

Elevation | 2200 - 2300 masl

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