Luis Anibal Ombligon Natural - Instant Coffee

$18.50 USD



ORIGIN | Acevedo, Huila, Colombia


We took some of our favorite single origin coffees and made them into instant coffee! We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each


Description of Coffee | 

Luis Anibal is a second generation coffee producer who has risen to a place of respect and renown, thanks to his achievements in innovative processing techniques as well as his investment in exotic coffee variety cultivation in Colombia. But, before all of that, Luis was just a 12-year-old boy working on his family's coffee farm. At age 15, his father allowed Luis to grow some of his own coffee on a small portion of that land. That small plot of land has grown to a now 40-hectare estate called Villa Betulia, and on it Luis grows primarily exotic coffee varietals, including this rare and delightful Ombligon lot.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being hand-picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are sorted to remove any defects. After this, they are simply and meticulously spread out on raised beds to bathe in the sun until optimal moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Ombligon is thought to be a natural mutation of Ethiopian heirloom varieties, and it is currently only known to grow in Huila. This particular lot showcases those Ethiopian roots very well, and also manages to highlight aspects of both high- and low-impact fermentation. On the low-impact side, it's delightfully floral, with notes like rose and hibiscus. On the other end, it's red-fruit forward (like strawberries) and winey in character - big and vibrant, but not entirely boozy. Put it all together, and you're enjoying a cup that's tropical and bright, reminding us of an early-summer sangria.

Producer | Luis Anibal

Farm | Villa Betulia

Process | Natural

Variety | Ombligon

Elevation | 1600-1700 masl