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Mid way through last year James from Caravela Coffee brought us a coffee sample he wanted us to taste. It was from a long time Caravela Producer who had been working on doing some Natural Coffees. Caravela Coffee does not usually work with these coffees but knew that we at Black and White Coffee do. So James asked if we could give feedback on the coffee sample for the producer, Milton Monroy and Caravela.

This was our very first introduction to Milton Monroy. We roasted and evaluated 4-5 of his coffees with one being a smash hit! Sadly that coffee made its way to the Cup of Excellence Colombia coffee competition and took 6th place! It was auctioned for the 3rd Highest price in the Competition.  Although we did not get that coffee, however we were able to contract a medium sized lot of Natural Castillo that was honestly our favorite of his traditional varieties.  

Big Red Fruit, a nice citrus like acidity, with a jammy finish, medium tactile, and a long sweet fruity finish makes this coffee delicious. This is exactly the coffee profile we like for our "Red Label" offerings. If you are like naturally processed coffees Milton's coffee will not disappoint.

Milton Monroy was born surrounded by coffee trees, he likes to say. He comes from a traditional coffee producing family and inherited his farm, Finca San Cayetano Alto from his father. Since the time he took over the farm, he has fully dedicated himself to coffee production, however in 2012, Milton noticed that in order to be sustainable he would need to make the switch to specialty coffee production. He knew that this change would help get better prices for his coffee and allow more jobs on his farm. 

Additionally Milton has changed and improved his infrastructure with the focus of improving the quality of his coffee. 

Farm: San Cayetano Alto

Producer: Milton Monroy

Variety: Castillo

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1800 MASL

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