Nkonge Natural
Nkonge Natural

Nkonge Natural

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The Long Miles Coffee Project started in 2013, when Ben and Kristy built their first washing station, called Bukeye, at the base of Gaharo hill and is home to 921 plantations and 104,747 trees. This station processes coffee from four "hills" in the area: Gaharo, Ninga, Munuinya and Rugoma, keeping each unique lot separated. It also is washes coffee from other surrounding hills including the Mutana Hill area. We are excited to offer Lot 39 from Long Miles Coffee Project, featuring their natural process. Mutana Hill has rich sweetness of tropical fruits balanced with light acidity and silky body. 

Farm: Long Miles Coffee Project 

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1,801 masl

Harvest Times: May - June

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays