Mauricio Shattah - Anaerobic Natural Gesha

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Black Label #9 is more "back to normal" for our Black Label coffees.  This coffee is a huge floral fruit bomb. It is a naturally processed Anaerobic Gesha from our friend Mauricio Shattah of Finca La Negrita.

We are so excited about how this lot turned out. Finca La Negrita does things quite differently. They won't create a specific coffee until the order for it is placed. This is an incredibly low waste strategy for coffee production (supply always meets demand) but is quite unique in the world of specialty coffee. To be frank, this system isn't possible for most producers for a number of reasons, including financial and organizational issues.

I (Kyle) was able to meet Mauricio at the "Best of Panama" cupping competition back in 2017. Even then he was pushing the boundaries on fermentation and processing experimentation. We chatted through varieties, acid additions, and all kinds of fermentation. I am so excited to share one of his flagship coffees with y'all!

This is another barista and brewers cup competition coffee shipped to your door - exactly what we hope to deliver with our Black Label coffees. We first tasted intense florals, and complex Gesha citrus before moving directly into huge huge fruit flavors. This coffee has all kinds of red fruits and berries, with a juicy acidity and round mouthfeel. 

Origin: Tolima Colombia 

Producers: Mauricio Shattah of Finca La Negrita 

Process: Anaerobic Natural 

Variety: Red Gesha

Elevation: 1780-2100 masl

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