La Palma Y El Tucán - Pink Bourbon

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La Palma is a longtime friend of the Black & White family, and if you've been around here awhile, you've likely seen their name printed on several of our labels over the years. They pioneered anaerobic processing methods in Colombia years ago and still produce arguably the best anaerobic washed coffees we've ever tasted. Their commitment to excellence and obsession with perfecting fermentation methods are two of the reasons they feature so prominently on our menu, but it's also because you guys LOVE their coffees. 

This lot, a lovely washed Pink Bourbon from the hills of Cundinamarca, Colombia, is made all the more lovely by a unique anaerobic processing method known as Bio-innovation, which was developed by La Palma's own Sebastian Villamizar. Inspired by traditional wine fermentation methods, Sebastian buried claypots in the forest floor to control temperature. Inside, he mixes perfectly ripe coffee cherries with a microbial-rich compost that is made at La Palma and serves as an organic and biodiverse fermentation substrate. The coffee cherries are left to ferment in the claypots for at least 100 hours before being removed to raised beds to dry for thirty-four days. 

By implementing this unique and ingenious process, the processing gurus at La Palma are able to further control two highly complex variables as they relate to fermentation: (1) the environment in which fermentation occurs, which has a direct impact on processing temperatures and humidity levels, thus affecting flavor; and (2) the type of microorganisms that predominate the metabolic process. By using their own farm-made compost, which is chock-full of native microorganisms producing unique enzymes, alcohols, and organic acids, La Palma is able to curate particular flavor profiles which are hardly found in coffees that undergo other types of fermentation. 

Whew! That was quite a science lesson, right? But it is truly fascinating stuff, and this is exactly the kind of innovation we love to highlight in our black-label coffees. With all that talk about fermentation, you might be surprised to read that THIS Bio-innovation lot actually has a relatively low fermentation impact. The variety characteristics really lead the way with flavor. At the cupping table, we tasted light florals, black tea, and lemon ice box pie. It's a clean, vibrant, classic Pink Bourbon flavor profile, and it almost has us feeling like we're sitting down to high tea at Claridges. 

Producers  | Alirio Muñoz

Farm | La Palma Y El Tucán

Process | Bio-innovation Washed

Variety | Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1800 masl

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