Olga Beltran - Bio Innovation

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NOTES: Apple, Fresh Strawberry, Apricot, White Wine

It is exciting to see Olga's name once again.  We were sent samples from La Palma Y El Tucan bling (meaning we did not know the producer info or process.  We only had a number to refer back to.  Yet again on we chose Olga Beltrans coffee. Vibrant, Complex and Innovative.About 9 years ago, Olga and her husband decided to recover the traditional values of her grandparents, and return to the coffee growing tradition that she was born and raised in

This year marks the first year for La Palma to implement its new " Bio Innovation" process on select Lots of Neighbors and Crops coffees.  

This process was inspired by the "old way" of making wine brought together with the new world of innovative yeast and bacteria collection.  It goes like this.  The team at La Palma Y El Tucan take whole cherry and place them in underground clay pots. In these clay pots is a selected and cultured set of microorganisms  that thrive in cooler oxygen free environments.  These organisms break down the natural sugars in the coffee fruit and turn them into complex acids and esters.  These soak into the cherry and give us a cup profile that is like none other. 

Vibrant white wine acidity, mixed with fresh strawberry, apricot, and apple flavors on the pallet that linger into a clean finish with more berries and a sweetness like vanilla. 

This coffee is special and I am so glad that we get to share it with you.

Producer: Olga Beltran

Variety: Castillo

Farm: La Abuela

Process: Bio Innovation | Anaerobic

Elevation: 1750 MASL


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