Westside - VIP - Warship
Westside - VIP - Warship

Westside - VIP - Warship

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Manufacturer: Westside Discs

Type: Midrange

Mold: Warship

Weight: 175-177g

Plastic: VIP

Flight Number: Speed 5 Glide 6  Turn 0  Fade 1

what westside says about the Warship

The Warship is our answer to the everyday players need for a midrange. Designed to be user friendly for all levels it holds a straight line and feels great in the hand. For faster arm speeds it will fly straight and will be very controllable. For lower arm speeds it will hold a straight line and finish to the left for right handed players and right for left handed players. The Westside Warship has a great float and flight and is our fastest midrange in our line.

in our experience 

The Warship's look and feel will be very familiar to most seasoned disc golfers. As to us, they are very similar to the Roc or the Wasp but without the bead.  This run of white VIP feels amazing with just the right amount of give and a truly stable flight even at high arm speeds.  To us, they fly like a seasoned KC Roc or Wasp with a nice flip up and a dependable finish. I (Kyle) put one in my bag immediately and have been absolutely loving it.  For higher arm speed, this will be very straight but workable, and for lower arm speeds, this will be a very dependable, slightly overstable, flyer. 


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