Danche - Anaerobic Natural





Get ready for a double feature! This week, we're rolling out two lovely Ethiopian coffees from Negusse Debela and our friends at SNAP Specialty Coffees. You might remember Negusse from his regular appearance on our menu last year - he's the computer-guru-turned-coffee-producer who has been making all kinds of waves throughout the specialty coffee community in Ethiopia. Prior to 2008, Negusse was known as "the computer guy" in his hometown of Addis Ababa, where he ran a successful computer part import company. While in America on a business trip, he tasted a pour-over at a café in Minnesota that changed the trajectory of his career - and the object of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Established in 2008, Negusse's new endeavor - SNAP Specialty Coffee - seeks to provide specialty Ethiopian coffees processed "consistently and exceptionally." They run or partner with several washing and processing stations throughout Ethiopia, including the two Worka Chelbessa washing stations in Gedeb. Today's release hails from Wate Danche, the second iteration of Work Chelbessa and the site of some really remarkable achievements in Ethiopian anaerobic natural processing.

Processing: Worka Chelbessa purchases from hundreds of farmers in the surrounding villages, but this particular lot was sourced specifically from those smallholders in the Danche kebele of Gedeb. The cherries, which were handpicked at peak ripeness, underwent anaerobic fermentation in GrainPro bags for three days and before being laid out to bathe in the African sun for 10-14 days, until optimal moisture content was achieved. 

In the cup: You know how sometimes, you drink a cup of coffee, and it's just... fine. It's familiar, it's comfortable, it gets the job done. Well, this coffee isn't one of those - as one of our owners put it, "This coffee just drinks special." Floral, tropical, and almost boozy in its intensity, this cup really woke us up at the cupping table - and not because of the caffeine! Juicy and sweet at the top, notes of pineapple and apricot give way to something reminding us of raspberry liqueur as the coffee cools. It's a delightful experience at any temperature, and an excellent example of of SNAP's careful and calculated achievements in anaerobic processing over the last fifteen years. 

Producer | SNAP Specialty Coffees

Washing Station | Wate Danche

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Indigenous Landraces

Elevation | 2000-2300 masl