Felipe Trujillo - Black Honey





A lifelong learner and bonafide innovator, Felipe Trujillo was a successful CEO before finding a new platform in coffee. A few years ago, he decided to leave the corporate world behind and help his father manage a coffee farm that he'd recently inherited from Felipe's grandfather. Almost immediately, Felipe's curiosity flourished, and he drew a lot of inspiration from the wine industry as he researched fermentation and processing. What began at the hand of his grandfather as a traditional Colombian coffee farm has since transformed into a hub for processing innovation and a classroom for education and mentorship under the careful leadership of Felipe and his dad. 

Processing: This coffee underwent a unique style of honey processing known as Black Honey. First, the coffee cherries spent a whopping 360 hours fermenting in open, wood barrels which were first used for aging rum. During this time, the cherries were re-circulated every eight hours. After fermentation, the cherries were de-pulped without the use of water and finally laid out on African beds to dry for 2-3 weeks, leaving the mucilage intact. This extended time spent in the open air causes the mucilage to turn black as it interacts with oxygen - hence the name of the process.

In the cup: This coffee showcases the typical characteristics of the honey processing method in a big way! It's sweet and juicy, reminding us of nectarines and plums. The body and acidity are distinctly wine-y in nature, and the whole tasting experience reminds us of sipping a natural Gamay.

Producer | Felipe Trujillo

Farm | La Ventolera

Process | Black Honey

Variety | Castillo

Elevation | 2000 masl