Gamatui - Honey 48hr Anaerobic


MEET THE PRODUCER | Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Atlantic Specialty Coffee and its sister company, Kawacom, we have had the privilege of tasting and buying coffee from the Gamatui Community in Uganda for the past four years. Local farmers from throughout the Gamatui community bring their freshly harvested cherries to Sipi Falls, who manages the washing, drying, and milling processes all together. This cuts down on labor for the farmers and also increases the quality and value of each lot, ultimately resulting in better price outcomes for the farmers of Gamatui.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This lot went through two styles of fermentation before making it to the drying beds: first, it underwent 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation in cherry. Then, the coffee cherries were pulped before being left to ferment without water for an additional 18 hours. Finally, they were soaked in clean water for about six hours, rinsed, and spread out to dry on raised beds.

TAKE A SIP | This coffee really toes the line between interesting (due to the flavor additions from the wild processing it underwent) and integrity, preserving the heart and soul of the Gamatui community. As far as processing experiments go, this one is pretty approachable - it is funky-ish, reminding us of orange wine, but also fruited in body and super sweet on the finish. We get a lot of red cherries, some mango sorbet, and even tea cake as we sip it, and we're reminded once again why Gamatui holds such a special place on our palettes and in our hearts.


Origin | Kapchorwa, Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Producer | Gamatui community

Washing Station | Sipi Falls Washing Station

Process | 48-hr Anaerobic Honey

Variety | SL varieties 

Elevation | 1600-1900 masl