Ivan Solis - Anaerobic Washed

$22.00 USD

Meet the Producer | We'll say this about Ivan Solis: we've never seen his LinkedIn profile, but it's got to be pretty impressive. The son of multi-generational agricultural workers, Ivan has worked in food or coffee production in Costa Rica for practically his whole life. He gained extensive experience at two of the largest milling operations in the country before establishing his own wet mill in 2017. He's spent the better part of a decade exploring and experimenting with innovative processing techniques, and his pioneering efforts have earned him the respect and trust of hundreds of farmers in the Tarrazu region. Oh - and he's also been a a certified Q Grader since 2009!

That extensive resume is only made richer by the contributions of his sons, Joaquin and Javier, who clearly inherited their father's innovative spirit and tendency toward perfectionism. The last time some of these names showed up on our menu, it was for a uniquely processed "Candy Natural" Catuai lot, and you guys loved it. Today's release is similarly anaerobically fermented but processed as a washed coffee. We originally had this coffee in mind as a potential blend component for our super-special cocktail-themed series, but the end result is so lovely, we had to share it on its own.

Trust the Process | Upon arriving at the wet mill in Tarrazu, these coffee cherries were floated to remove any defects before being depulped and separated. Then were then transferred to an anaerobic environment to undergo fermentation before being laid out on raised beds to dry. 

Take a Sip | It is often cited that anaerobic fermentation protocols in the coffee industry were first inspired by similar methods in the winemaking industry, and this cup certainly calls back to its source of inspiration. Notes of green apple and orange zest remind us of a crisp white wine, like a Croatian Graševina or a French Picpoul. There's also a distinct and delightful baked spice note, reminding us of cardamom spice cakes and Mexican hot chocolate.


Origin | Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producer | Ivan Solis

Farm | smallholders in El Vapor community

Washing Station | Santa Fe Wet Mill

Process | Anaerobic Washed

Variety | Catuai 

Elevation | 1500-1900 masl