Juan Pablo - SL 28


MEET THE PRODUCER | Depending on your TV-viewing habits, the producer's name on this bag of coffee might've conjured up a lot of things in your mind - and none of them had anything to do with coffee! But, we promise this has nothing to do with reality TV or car racing. This Juan Pablo is a fourth generation coffee producer from the hills of Antioquia, Colombia, and we have the privilege of showcasing his coffee thanks to our mutual relationship with CoTrade Coffee and Know Where Coffee. His family history might be saturated in coffee, but Juan's emphasis and commitment to producing specialty coffee and processing it meticulously is a comparatively new focus for Finca La Luisa. Lots like today's lovely SL 28 crop are the result of many years of collaboration, trial, error, and adaptation on the part of Juan and his team. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | It doesn't get much simpler than this, folks: after being picked at peak ripeness, hand-sorted coffee cherries went straight to the raised drying beds. No extra fermentation in sealed containers or underwater or while mingling with added fruits or yeast - just what happens during the drying process! 

TAKE A SIP | This extremely limited fermentation has resulted in very clean, vibrant example of the SL 28 variety - and those are characteristics which can be hard to come by outside its origin country of Kenya. It also boasts plenty of the tell-tale currant-like flavors, which we perceived most decidedly as blackberries. Vibrant acidity is countered by sugary sweetness, reminding us of candied grapefruit and cola. 


Origin | Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

Producer | Juan Pablo

Farm | Finca La Luisa

Process | Natural

Variety |  SL 28

Elevation | 1700 masl