Julio Madrid - Sudan Rume

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Sudan Rume is a varietal believed to have originated in Sudan, Africa - but this lot was grown on an idyllic farm in the Riseralda region of Colombia. That farm, Finca La Riviera, is carefully tended by Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés, a (very impressive) name that has become synonymous with quality in this up-and-coming coffee powerhouse region. Julio specializes in producing at least seven different varietals at Finca La Riviera, and his careful hand with fermentation has elevated this Sudan Rume lot to a place we didn't even know it was capable of going.

This naturally processed coffee was placed in a tank for several hours before being packed into polypropylene bags at a controlled temperature with restricted oxygen. After fermentation, the coffee cherries were dried in the sun until ideal humidity conditions were reached. Though the process here seems simple enough, Julio's tedious attention to detail at every step has resulted in a unique and highly complex arrangement of flavors.

Like many coffees coming from one of its neighbors in the horn of Africa (we're looking at you, Kenya...), this Sudan-native varietal often has a knack for coming off a bit savory. But, this Colombian-grown lot is juicy and complex and acid-driven, and it's giving off all kinds of island vibes. While many cafés are already serving up PSLs, we are here to bring you one last sip of summer! In the cup, we perceived that lovely arrangement of flavors as orange, cherry limeade, tropical fruits, and cane sugar. You can keep your incessant pumpkin decorations; we'll be over here twirling our tiny cocktail umbrellas.

Farm | Finca La Riviera

Producer | Julio Madrid

Process | Natural

Variety | Sudan Rume

Elevation | 1700 masl

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