Lica Torres - Typica Mejorado

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Nestled at the foot of Chirripo Volcano, the 3-hectare farm owned by Lica Torres and his family is one of only a few such courageous endeavors in Brunca, the southernmost growing region in Costa Rica. Conditions there aren't exactly idyllic: the soil is rocky, the incline steep, and the weather is often either a little too hot or a little too cold to grow any particular crop with tremendous success. Lica's father initially planted pine trees on the farm, but farming wood is a slow-going process that doesn't yield dividends very quickly. Enter: Lica's big idea.

Four years ago, Lica began to notice other families in the area growing coffee with some success, and he decided to take a big risk by planting a new, experimental hybrid coffee variety (called Milenio) on his farm, which sits at 1500 masl. The gamble proved tremendously successful - and we actually had the privilege of featuring one of his Milenio lots earlier this Fall! In the years since Lica planted those first Milenio crops, he and his family acquired more land at higher elevations, including a plot of land named El Mirador ("the viewing spot"), sitting at about 1800 masl. It is here, looking down over the village of Bueana Vista de Rivas below, that you'll find us sipping a cup of coffee from today's release.

Processing: The coffee cherries are picked at peak ripeness and brought to the wet mill to undergo two rounds of fermentation. First, the cherries are sealed in plastic bags and allowed to ferment for 24 hours. Then, the cherries and all of their accumulated mosto are placed in plastic tanks without any oxygen, where they continue to ferment for another 100 hours in a shady, cool place. Finally, the coffee is heaped onto raised drying beds in a thick layer - the Torres family chooses to dry their coffee in this way because it slows both the cessation of fermentation and the drying of the coffee cherries. They believe that slowing things down like this helps to preserve the flavors created during those extended fermentation times. 

In the cup: This coffee is a really lovely example of what an anaerobic natural lot can taste like when it's done, well, perfectly. At first sip, we tasted vibrant fruit characteristics, like mango and tangerine. As the cup cooled, we experienced something new and delightful: mango sorbet. This coffee is vibrant and complex, so fresh and so clean. It reminds us of a crisp white wine, like Viognier, or even of a white sangria that's done, well... perfectly.

Producers | Don Lica Torres

Wet Mill | Cerro Buena Vista

Process | anaerobic natural

Variety | typica mejorado

Elevation | 1800 masl

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