Nelson Moreno


MEET THE PRODUCER | The Moreno family has been dishing out spectacular coffees in the renowned region of Santa Barbara, Honduras, for several generations, and over 30 of them currently occupy individual plots on nearby hillsides. They work together as a team on each of those plots, sharing in both the manual labor and in the work of processing each harvest. Evin Moreno is perhaps the most recognizable of the Moreno names, but his brother, Nelson Moreno, is making waves in his own right. This beautiful anaerobic lot, a blend of Bourbon and Pacas cherries, comes from his idyllic farm overlooking the village of El Cedral, where he and many of his family members live.

TAKE A LOOK AROUND | As a region, Santa Barbara is considered one of the most unique micro-terroirs in all of Central America. Whereas most of the coffee coming out of Honduras is easy-drinking and straightforward, coffee grown in Santa Barbara tastes more like a high-grown coffee from Colombia. They are known for their stone fruit characteristics, fresh citrus notes, and vibrant acidity. They're still easy-drinking, but in a really elevated way. 

TAKE A SIP | "Easy-drinking and elevated" is actually a great way to describe this anaerobic lot from Nelson's farm. This coffee has those precise characteristics mentioned above: it's full of fresh citrus and vibrant acidity that reminds us of blood oranges, and the stone fruit note is akin to black plums. The whole cup is wrapped up in an easy-going sweetness reminiscent of toffee, making the experience both a very approachable one for sharing with your family, and also a very elevated one for discussing around the cupping table. Striking this sort of balance is no easy task, and la Familia de Morenos does it time and time again. 


Origin | El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Nelson Moreno

Process | Anaerobic

Variety |  Bourbon & Pacas

Elevation | 1500-1650 masl