Riripa Washed

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You might remember Negusse Debela from several other Ethiopian offerings on our menu this year - he's the computer-guru-turned-coffee-producer who has been making all kinds of waves throughout the specialty coffee community in Ethiopia. Prior to 2008, Negussee was known as "the computer guy" in his hometown of Addis Ababa, where he ran a successful computer part import company. While in America on a business trip, he tasted a pour-over at a café in Minnesota that changed the trajectory of his career - and the object of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Established in 2008, Negussee's new endeavor - SNAP Specialty Coffee - seeks to provide specialty Ethiopian coffees processed "consistently and exceptionally." They run or partner with several washing and processing stations throughout Ethiopia, including the Haji Betro Wet Mill in Nensebo, West Arsi. Over the summer, we featured another lot from that wet mill, a natural lot from the very same farmers in the Riripa community who supplied the washed lot you'll get to taste with us today. 

Processing: Ripe cherries are delivered to the washing station by 742 smallholder farms in the Riripa community. During the washing process, the coffee seeds are pulped from the skin and fruit and then fully submerged in water to ferment  for 36-48 hours. This loosens the seed from the rest of the fruit and allows it to be brushed off by agitation. The washed and cleaned coffee seeds are then placed on traditional raised drying beds to dry in the sun for 15-20 days, depending on the weather. 

In the cup: This coffee is reminiscent of two things we love dearly: Yirgacheffe coffees, and summer. As the temperatures continue to dip well below freezing here in North Carolina, we thought there might be others out there who wouldn't mind being transported for a moment to a warmer season. This coffee, with all of its florality and citrus characteristics, is capable of doing just that. It's clean and sweet, with notes of lemon candy, floral honey, and nectarines. It reminds us of lemon tea sweetened with orange blossom honey, transporting us to a place that's both warm and nostalgic. Cheers. 

Producer | Negussee Debela (SNAP Specialty Coffee)

Farm | Smallholders in the Riripa area

Washing Station | Haji Betro Wet Mill

Process | washed

Variety | landraces selctions

Elevation | 1900 - 2100 masl