Sebastian Ramírez - Gesha Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | Sebastián Ramírez is a fourth-generation coffee producer who began as a traditional grower over twelve years ago, but he soon started exploring the nuances of fermentation and today is regarded as a master of processes like co-fermentation and carbonic maceration. His mission is to make coffee both accessible and exciting, and Sebastián champions those efforts both in his processing endeavors and as a mentor for the Young Producer Program. Both Sebastián and his coffees can be accurately described as "anything but ordinary," and we are thrilled to showcase two examples of his triumphs in processing with all of you at home!

TRUST THE PROCESS | For this coffee, 95% of the cherries are picked at peak ripeness, while the remaining 5% are picked at semi-ripe. The lot is placed in 200-liter tanks where it undergoes anaerobic fermentation with CO2 injection for two days, after which time it is removed to special structures called marquesinas for drying. These special drying vessels are held at constant temperature (40 degrees Celsius) and humidity (25%) with round-the-clock monitoring until the lot reaches optimal and even moisture content, or about 20 days. Finally, the coffee is stabilized in GrainPro bags.

TAKE A SIP | Sebastián's natural lots can get a little wild, but the ubiquitous characteristics of the Gesha variety really ground this one. Somehow, it manages to hold the tension between florality and booziness - a feat not easily accomplished with this style of processing! Variety is showcased with the coffee's heavy florals, most of which melds with citrus to give us something like lemongrass, or lemon verbena. Not one to be upstaged, processing makes itself apparent in its distinctly boozy character, reminding us of strawberry wine ("SEVENTEEN..."). A sweetness like chocolate lingers on the finish. 


Origin | Quindío, Colombia

Producer | Sebastián Ramírez

Farm | Fincas El Placer

Process | CM Natural

Variety | Gesha

Elevation | 1744 masl