Wilmer Moncayo - Gesha Lot 7


MEET THE PRODUCER | Wilmer Moncayo and his wife, Yenni, have both been surrounded by coffee trees their entire lives. Each of them grew up on coffee farms, and after Wilmer spent four years working in the United States to save up some money, they were able to purchase their own 6-hectare farm, called La Loma, about a decade ago. Now in their 30's, Wilmer and Yenni hope to turn their attention to starting a family one day, but for now they are supremely committed to those 6.5 hectares of coffee trees, including the stunning rows of Gesha plants from which this lot was harvested.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This coffee represents very, very traditional Colombian washed processing methods. First, the coffee is picked at peak ripeness and partially de-pulped. It then goes into large, tiled vats for about 30 hours of aerobic fermentation. As part of their water conservation efforts, no water is added here, and the coffee is left to ferment with mucilage only. Finally, the coffee cherries are washed and spread out to dry on patios until optimal moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Oh Gesha, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Wilmer's lot is supremely clean and incredibly lovely, even by our high Gesha standards. Although it's not a jasmine bomb, this coffee does have a lot of other floral characteristics, like gardenias on the nose and lavender on the palette. Stone fruit, like peaches, and orchard fruits, like honeycrisp apples, are abundant in the cup. It has a lovely citrus character that's balanced perfectly by a (somewhat surprising) sweetness, and together they remind us of lemon cookies. The whole experience makes us feel like we're enjoying high tea at Claridge's on an uncharacteristically sunny day in London - and then it makes us wish we were doing just that. 


Origin | San Agustín, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Wilmer Moncayo

Farm | La Loma

Process | Washed

Variety |  Gesha

Elevation | 1780 masl