The Holiday Blend

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Coffee is not only a drink, but a social encounter, and at times a tool for social good; opening minds through conversation, and even helping to build a future for coffee producers.

This year for our second of three Holiday blend variations, we are blending two of our direct relationship coffees, Gesha VIllage Natural and Ferney Marcias. This coffee is fruity and delicious with notes of plum, peach cobbler and brown sugar with a clean body. 

For all three of our Holiday coffee iterations, we are partnering with Gesha Village to help give back this year! Gesha Village has always had a special place with us here at Black & White Coffee. The Gesha Village is a project with a clear and distinct vision to produce the most amazing coffees possible. It started as a coffee documentary project from Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton, who after gaining permission from the local Meanit Shasha Woreda people to plant wild seeds harvested from the Gori Gesha Forest. 

The Meanit people, the local inhabitants and ancestral protectors of the land on which Gesha Village is build, account for a considerable portion of the Gesha Village workforce. The money they’ve made from coffee production has helped them enrich their community.

$1 of each Pound of coffee will go towards building a high school in the area that will serve five kebele (neighborhoods); this is a multi-year project that Gesha Village began in 2018. The school will be a vital addition to the community: Currently, education in the area continues only to eighth grade, and the closest high school is located more than 60 km away. The school will be built to the government standard in Ethiopia, with four classrooms for grades 9 and 10 (with 40 students per classroom), an administration room, library, laboratory, meeting hall, restrooms, and teacher and staff rooms. 

We are excited to be apart of such an important project. 

Regions: Bench Majo, Gesha, Ethiopia & Pital, Huila, Colombia

Process: Natural (Gesha Village) & Anaerobic Washed (Ferney Macias)

Elevation: 1800 - 2100 masl

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays