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UFO Dripper + Sibarist Filter Bundle


Product Information from the UFO Co-Founders | 


Conical drippers are known for their high complexity and pleasant acidity, but reduced consistency when compared to flat-bottoms. Our goal was to create the cup profiles we love from other conicals, while greatly improving consistency. UFO is designed to be the most forgiving conical brewer, using an unprecedented 80º interior angle. This slows down the brew to maintain a respectable contact time even with the air channels, and means that it's less sensitive to smaller doses. This is because the shallower the brewer walls, the less the bed depth changes with varying doses. The angle also contributes to greater accumulation of fines above the bed, further increasing clarity.  

Air Channel Technology

UFO incorporates air channels instead of protruding ribs, which combined with the Disputer tool allows for the perfect filter set and consistent bypass. The air channels also contribute to equalizing the air pressure above and below the carafe, mitigating any risk of stalling. 

Thermal Stability

Our extensive thermal testing has led us to the current single-walled, solid Tritan design for the V1, a choice which carried over for our injection-molded V2. It maintains superior thermal stability in the slurry, while also being extremely resistant to warping at boiling temperatures. 

Product Information from Sibarist |

This specialty coffee filter has exceptionally low retention, offering greater flow in the brew and faster extraction. It allows you to have full control over the flow rate during pouring, explore finer grinds without clogging or choking and achieve higher extractions.

The result is a clean and full-bodied cup, with a characteristic silky mouthfeel. The FAST paper does not leave any trace of flavor or odor in your drink. 

Where to Find the Co-Owners of UFO |

You can easily find us on Instagram at @ufodripper, or send us an email at with any questions or concerns.

We are so excited to have you brew on the UFO.


-Kenzie Chay & Jay Kim

Where to Find Sibarist | or on Instagram @sibaristcoffee