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Every year we do our very very best to get our favorite coffees in as early as possible, this year we had quite a few early options but really fell in love with Gogugu, and the name of this small town really is one of the best.

We are so excited to share this crazy sweet fruity washed Guji with you.

Around this region, Wate Gogugu, is some of the newest farms of coffees in all of Ethiopia. Although coffee has been in the region for some time, most of the coffee trees growing are only 5 - 10 years old. Producers, Kadir Jabril and his brothers, Abdi and Feku were some of the first people to recognize the quality potential of coffee in Uraga, Wate Gogugu area. They put Uraga on the map for specialty coffee after they set up their coffee sites and produced consistently remarkable coffees. 

Wate Gogugu, ran by Kadir Jabril is unique in that it sources exclusively from the community around them, with little to no coffee coming from other communities. It is remarkable for a family to have one site producing amazing coffee, but these three brothers show what is possible by bringing a level of focus rarely seen in the coffee industry in Ethiopia. 

With methodical processing and high quality standards, the coffees from this family have made a mark not only in Uraga, but have become some of the most sought after coffees from the country.

We cannot wait for you to try this new coffee from Guji Ethiopia.

Producer: Kadir Jabril (works with farmers in the Kabele Community). 

Region: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Variety: JARC Selections and Indigenous Landacres

Altitude: 2000 - 2280 MASL

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