Worka Sakaro - Natural

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Worasa Mijane and his son Daniel Mijane are the producers of Worka Sakaro and are famous for the quality of their coffee throughout the Gedeb region. The Gedeb region is the most southern Yirgacheffe coffee growing area and in comparison to other areas coffee is somewhat newer to this area. Many farms here have only been growing coffee for 1 or 2 generations, and much of the coffee is only 20 - 30 years old. Farms in this area tend to be slightly larger than in the northern part of Yirgacheffe, but are still relatively small - averaging around 1-2 hectares. This selection comes from their Worka Sakaro washing station and is a testament to their dedication to produce amazing coffees.

This is our main lot Natural Ethiopia, picked form some 20 Offers. We are so happy with how this coffee showed up. Booking coffees from the samples we get from origin before the coffee ships (aka preship samples) is always a bit of a gamble. To hedge against this we utilize UV testing along with moisture, and water activity.  However these are not 100% accurate, and we do get less than stellar coffee from time to time. This coffee however, actually showed up tasting better than the preship samples. Super clean naturals are coming out of Gedeb this year. Tons of floral aromas, with clean tropical fruit, and clean acidity. We are so happy to share this beautiful with you all.

We worked with Tim Hill at Atlantic Specialty on many of our Ethiopian coffees this year and this one is a stunner, along with our Lots from Idido, Genji Challa, and Gogugu.

Process: Natural

Producer: Mijane Worasa & Daniel Mijane

Variety: JARC selections & Indigenous Landacres

Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl

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