Sagastume Family - Gesha

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MEET THE PRODUCERS | As a third generation coffee producer with over thirty years of experience under his belt, patriarch Pedro Sagastume knows a thing or two about growing great coffee. In 2011, Pedro purchased land in the El Sauce community of Santa Barbara and named it Los Quetzales, the farm where he eventually chose to try his hand at growing Gesha in 2018. That decision turned out to be a pretty great one - Benjamin Paz, who won the Honduras Cup of Excellence with his own Gesha lot in 2023, described Pedro's Gesha lots as "some of the best Honduran Geshas of the season."

If the surname, Sagastume, looks familiar to you, it's probably because we've featured Pedro on our menu before - but we've also featured his children's coffees as well, each of whom is forging their own future in Honduran specialty coffee. Yeltsin is one of those such producers, and he currently grows coffee on some of the land that his grandfather once gave to his father, which has now been passed on to him.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This coffee is a blend of two Gesha lots from the Sagastume empire, a washed lot from Pedro's harvest at Los Quetzales , and a honey processed lot from Yeltsin's land at El Ocote.

Washed | The cherries are picked at peak ripeness and hand sorted before making their way to the wet mill. There, they are de-pulped and placed in concrete tanks to dry ferment for 20 hours. After this initial fermentation period, the parchment is rinsed with water four times and finally put into solar dryers for around 18 days.

Honey | The cherries are picked at peak ripeness and hand sorted before making their way to the wet mill. There, they are immediately de-pulped and then put into solar dryers (with mucilage tagging along) for around 12 days.

TAKE A SIP | As you'd expect from any good Gesha lot, this coffee is floral, acidic, bright, and sweet. But, it's fruitier than you might anticipate, with that quintessential stone fruit character coming through like something cooked and sweet, like peach cobbler. Soft florals meet you as you raise your cup for a first sip, and a rich sweetness like honeycomb rewards your first slurp. The acidity, too, is sweet, reminding us of sweet citrus. The whole experience is an ode to everything we love about the Gesha variety and also a somewhat mind-bending expression of what's possible for Honduran specialty coffee. With this cup, we say Cheers! to producers like Pedro and Yelltsin, both of whom are playing a crucial role in solidifying Honduran Geshas' place on the proverbial map.


Origin | El Sauce, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producers | Pedro Sagastume & Yeltsin Sagastume

Process | Washed + Honey

Variety |  Gesha

Elevation | 1600 - 1700 masl