Who is Black & White?  

At B&W, we’re committed to connecting people to the most interesting and approachable coffees that we can find. We strive to be more than just a quality coffee roaster - we hope to challenge ourselves and our customers to push the envelope of what specialty coffee ‘should’ be and how it should taste. 


Black and White Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of two US Barista Champions. Founded in 2017, Kyle and Lem were inspired by the coffee they experienced at the competitive level and wanted to make those coffees as widely available as possible. 

Our Values 

B&W is guided by our three core values: Service, Community, and Excellence.  


We carry an attitude of hospitality into every interaction we have with our customers, coworkers, and industry partners. We aim to go above and beyond what’s expected of us to help create enjoyable and meaningful experiences with everyone that we meet.


It is our journey and the community we’ve built along the way is what makes Black & White Coffee possible. We understand that none of this would be possible without the generous and kind relationships we’ve enjoyed over the years, and continuing to foster that same spirit of kindness and generosity is a huge part of what it means to be Black & White. 


Excellence is the application of our commitment to service and community. It’s constantly striving to increase our attention to detail and fine-tune the execution of our craft. We have a healthy sense of competition--especially as it relates to the past version of ourselves.