Danche - Washed

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MEET THE PRODUCER | You're probably getting pretty used to seeing Negusse Debela's name on our menu - he's the computer-guru-turned-coffee-producer who has been making all kinds of waves throughout the specialty coffee community in Ethiopia. Prior to 2008, Negusse was known as "the computer guy" in his hometown of Addis Ababa, where he ran a successful computer part import company. While in America on a business trip, he tasted a pourover at a café in Minnesota that changed the trajectory of his career - and the object of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Established in 2008, Negusse's new endeavor - SNAP Specialty Coffee - seeks to provide specialty Ethiopian coffees processed "consistently and exceptionally." They run or partner with several washing and processing stations throughout Ethiopia, including the two Worka Chelbessa washing stations in Gedeb. Today's release hails from Wate Danche, the second iteration of Worka Chelbessa and the site of some really remarkable achievements in Ethiopian processing methods.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This lot, composed of indigenous landrace varieties, is the first of the season from Wate Danche, and it was processed as a traditional washed coffee. No fancy co-fermentation happening here, folks - just the traditional washed processing method, executed perfectly. 

TAKE A SIP | This cup of coffee really embodies everything we love about washed Ethiopian coffees: it's clean, floral, sweet, and delightful. After a couple of difficult seasons, we are so excited to see what comes out of Ethiopia this year. With notes of soft florals, lemon cookie, pear, and white peaches, this coffee is everything we expect a washed Ethiopian coffee to taste like - and nothing that we don't. It's a straight-over-the-plate, really lovely example of a coffee that is dear to our palettes, from a washing station that's close to our hearts. 


Origin | Worka Chelbesa, Gedeb, Gedeo, Ethiopia

Producer | SNAP Specialty Coffees

Washing Station | Wate Danche

Process | Washed

Variety | Indigenous landraces

Elevation | 2000 - 2300 masl