Sebastian Gomez - Cold Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | When it comes to exceptional and experimental processing methods, Sebastian Gomez is a pioneer. He has been perfecting these unique methods on his farm in the southern region of Quindio for years, and we have had the privilege of featuring many such experiments in processing by Sebastian over the years. With this lot, however, he really outdid himself! Although Cold Natural fermentation methods (more on what that means in a moment) are being implemented throughout the specialty coffee-growing world, you don't see many lots getting processed in this way in Colombia. The reason? Well... it's pretty hot there, and that can make this style of processing very tricky.

TRUST THE PROCESS | Thinking back to our high school science class, we know that bacteria must be present for fermentation to occur, and that bacteria - just like us - has to eat. And, also just like us, bacteria moves a little more slowly when it's cold! In a Cold Natural processing method, temperature is manipulated so that the bacteria's metabolism slows down, thus slowing down the fermentation time and producing a very specific flavor profile. If you're familiar with the beer world at all, Cold Natural processing is similar to lagering in that industry. Or, if you're more of a wine snob, you could also compare it to the way many white wines are fermented - in fact, Sebastian and his team often refer to their version as "white wine fermentation." That's pretty fitting for this lot in particular, since white wine is one of our prominent flavor calls. Now, speaking of flavor...

TAKE A SIP | That Cold Natural-specific flavor profile for which Sebastian was searching is embodied beautifully in this lovely, slightly funky cup. That funkiness is reminiscent of white wine, as we've already mentioned, and there's a fruited character that reminds us of blueberries. The body and sweetness culminate in something like indulgent chocolate ganache. The whole experience is complex and delightful - science lesson and all. 


Origin | Quindio, Armenia, Colombia

Producer | Sebastian Gomez

Farm | Finca La Divisa

Process | Cold Natural

Variety |  Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1800 masl