Andres Cardona - Purple Honey

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MEET THE PRODUCER | Álvaro Andrés Cardona Molina has a personality and drive that live up to his impressive name. He's been working in coffee since he was twelve years old, and remains heavily involved with the UVI Young Producer Program, which seeks to help young coffee professionals create and grow their own coffee business. In addition to managing his uncle's farm, Andrés also assists his mentor, Felipe Trujillo (a name you might've seen on our menu before), with his farm in the hills of Santa Barbara. Hardworking and kind, Andrés is a pillar among Colombia's newest generation of coffee producers, and we feel so honored and proud to feature him here.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being harvested, the coffee is left to ferment in cherry with some sugar cane honey for 96 hours. After that, it heads to the silo for drying.

TAKE A SIP | Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a curated chocolate and wine pairing? That's the sort of sense memory that this coffee conjures up for us - it's intense and wine-y, reminding us of sipping a California Cab while sampling a piece of craft dark chocolate. Chocolate-covered cherries also come to mind as we sip, but this coffee isn't as seeker-friendly as those. The flavor profile here leans heavily into the fermentation process used to produce it, so maybe shy away from serving it to your neighbor who only drinks coffee from a drive-thru Venti cup.


Origin | Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia

Producer | Andrés Cardona

Farm | Villa Lucia

Process | Purple Honey

Variety | Castillo

Elevation | 1650 masl