Jairo Arcila - Dragon Fruit

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MEET THE PRODUCER | The Arcila family coffee empire has spanned over 80 years in Colombia, and since 2015 they have focused their efforts on producing, sourcing, and exporting some of the finest specialty coffee in the country. As producers, they specialize in alternative fermentation processes, and Jairo in particular is renown for his interesting and impeccably executed processing experiments. He instilled that same passion and curiosity in his son, Felipe, who now conducts the bulk of these co-fermentation experiments at their processing center in Armenia. We have featured several co-fermented lots from the Arcila family in recent months, and this dragon fruit version may be one of the most intense we've tasted yet!

TRUST THE PROCESS | This Castillo lot was exposed to dry, anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours, during which time dried dragon fruit powder was added to the party and left to mingle with the coffee cherries while their pulps were still intact. Afterward, the coffee was pulped and placed on raised beds to dry, until optimal moisture content was achieved.

TAKE A SIP | This coffee is heavily aromatic and very fruited in profile, reminding us of an intense fruit tea. Tropical and sweet, we delighted in fruit notes such as lychee, pineapple, and fruit punch. Combined with a rather tart acidity, that sweetness also lends itself to sour candy flavors, reminding us most profoundly of cherry-flavored Laffy Taffy. The whole experience is intense and interesting and reminiscent of summer, making us long for warmer days and tan lines. 


Origin | Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Producer | Jairo Arcila

Farm | Finca Santa Monica

Process | Co-ferment

Variety | Castillo

Elevation | 1500 masl