La Palma Y El Tucan - The Gesha Blend

$30.00 USD

MEET THE PRODUCER | La Palma Y El Tucán is a longtime friend of the Black & White family, and if you've been around here awhile, you've likely seen their name printed on several of our labels over the years. They pioneered anaerobic processing methods in Colombia years ago and still produce arguably the best anaerobic washed coffees we've ever tasted! Their commitment to excellence and obsession with perfecting fermentation methods are two of the reasons they feature so prominently on our menu. 

We have had the privilege of visiting their farm in the foothills of Cundinamarca many times over the years, including a special trip with all of our roasters last fall. It was on that trip where we tasted these two bio-innovation Gesha lots (one washed, and one natural), and decided to do a little experiment. The kind folk at La Palma were very hesitant to let us blend these two coffees, but the head of QC's wrath was quieted when she tasted the result. Both lots were good, but each of them had a piece missing - but when blended together, they became something really special.

TRUST THE PROCESS | These two lots are made all the more special by a unique anaerobic processing method known as Bioinnovation, which was developed by La Palma's own Sebastian Villamizar. Inspired by traditional wine fermentation methods, Sebastian buried clay pots in the forest floor to control temperature. Inside, he mixes perfectly ripe coffee cherries with a microbial-rich compost that is made at La Palma and serves as an organic and biodiverse fermentation substrate. The coffee cherries are left to ferment in the clay pots for for about 100 hours before being removed to dry on raised beds (in the case of the natural lot) OR rinsed in parchment and then set out on raised beds (in the case of the washed lot), until 10-10.6& moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | At the cupping table at La Palma, we found the washed Gesha lot to have lovely floral and citrus components, while the natural lot was fruity, tropical, and complex. Together, they create a blend that showcases everything we know and love about Gesha as a variety. You'll experience a delightfully floral aroma, taste stone fruits like mango and cherry, and enjoy a complex acidity that you'll be hard-pressed to find in any other cup.


Origin | Cundinamarca, Colombia

Farm | La Palma Y El Tucán

Process | Bioinnovation Natural + Bioinnovation Washed

Variety | Gesha

Elevation | 1730 - 1770 masl