What drew you to Brewers Cup?

At the beginning of my coffee journey, I was determined to make the best pour over possible. As I was doing some research on my computer, I came across the 4:6 method by Tetsu Kasuya. I wanted to learn more about him and his technique and came across his routine from Worlds in 2016. I was immediately fascinated by the whole thing and proceeded to watch every competitor's routine from Worlds that year. From this, I was able to discover so much about the culture of mastering the craft of a pour over. I love learning new things, whether it’s in my field or not! Brewers does that to you–it pushes you to learn new things. Even though I haven’t won, I feel like I leave each competition season as a better brewer than before.

What story are you telling? 

Creating authentic experiences over a beautiful cup of brewed coffee has always been important to me. This year's routine is an attempt to sum up my career in one cup while representing friends and connections made along the way.

Adapting water profiles through adding minerals and how that shapes the brewing experience played an important role in my preparations as well. At the end of the day, I want to challenge people's perceptions of coffee, in hopes of inspiring the culture and community moving forward.

How do you feel about competition this year?

I am very excited about the competition season this year! I feel like I learned so much last year that I can’t wait to share this time around. Also, I’m COMPETING AS A PANDA!!!!! Hahahaha. I love this team. And I can’t wait to represent what this company does and is about. B&W is my community #RespectThePanda

What coffee did you serve at Qualifiers?

Abu Coffee Geisha Double Phase Anaerobic Natural 
ORIGIN | Boquete, Panama
PRODUCER | Jose Luttrell
PROCESS | Double Phase Anaerobic Natural