Kyle Ramage

Role at B&W
Owner/Green Buyer/Quality Control

Vardaman, Mississippi

What drew you to Brewers?

Brewers Cup really came about in my mind when I had the opportunity to taste Elika Liftee's coffee at Worlds 2022. I've always been interested in the art of brewing coffee, I drink a lot more brewed coffee than anything else really. When I tasted Elika's blend, I was really blown away by what he was able to achieve with a cup of coffee, which sounds really cliche but it was super lovely. Also with our Head Roaster Matt getting involved in Brewers Judging, and hearing about all these amazing coffees coming to the competition stage has been really eye-opening and inspiring for me to get involved.

tell us a little about your coffee

The Future - Fruit Snacks

Origins: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia | La Estrella, Riseralda, Colombia | Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
Producers: Jhonatan Gasca | Julio Madrid | Jairo Arcila
Process: Thermal Shock | mixed co-fermentation

The advanced fermentation experiments which resulted in these four coffees are a true testament to the innovative spirits of the men who produced them. Jhonatan's Thermal Shock Pacamara underwent a whole slew of steps, including multiple rounds of quality sorting, both aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, and a unique adaptation of the washing process, known as "quenching." Julio's Nitro-macerated Caturra underwent three rounds of fermentation, the final of which takes place in a sealed bioreactor with yeast and nitrogen added to the fermentation environment. And of course, Jairo's two contributions to the blend are both co-fermentation endeavors, one with mandarins and the other, dried lychee.

Why this blend of coffees?
Half of the blend of coffees utilizes advanced thermal shock techniques and the other half utilizes controlled co-fermentation techniques. Together they come together to blend into a concert of aromas and flavors that we call fruit snacks.

What story are you telling?

With this blend, I really want to highlight and celebrate producer lead innovation. I am hopeful that this coffee and the journey that this coffee had, represents a future where baristas, roasters, and producers are in a constant state of collaboration.

How do you feel about competition this year?

It's definitely an exciting year for competition! I was previously on the competition strategic committee at the world level and was part of the committee when we approved the use of co-fermented coffees. With that now a possibility for everyone, it's really exciting to explore and showcase some really beautiful coffees that I've had the privilege of encountering through Black & White. With so many of these producer driven innovations, it's really made me think about all that is possible for coffee and that's a big inspiration for this routine and re-entering the competition field.