Gamatui Natural - Instant Coffee

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We took some of our favorite single origin coffees and made them into instant coffee! We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each


Description of Coffee | 

We are thrilled to welcome back an old friend to our single origin menu this summer! Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Atlantic Specialty Coffee and its sister company, Kawacom, we have had the privilege of tasting and buying coffee from the Gamatui Community in Uganda for the past four years. Our relationship with Gamatui is a special one, and this year we were able to collaborate with them to bring you three separate offerings from their farms: a washed coffee, a natural, and an anaerobic natural (which was processed specifically for us!). 

Processing: This lot, a naturally processed coffee, was fermented in water for 48 hours before being re-washed and sent off to African-style raised beds for drying. This particular processing method takes much longer than traditional washed coffees and can vary greatly depending on humidity, temperature, and sunlight. While drying, the coffee itself is frequently turned so that an even and precise moisture content is achieved. Once that happens, the skin and pulp of the cherries are finally removed, leaving us with coffee beans which have been noticeably (and deliciously) impacted by the sweet, fruity mucillage of the cherry throughout the drying process.

In the cup: We have long been fans of the characteristic "big fruit" flavors found in every naturally processed Gamatui lot we've had the pleasure of cupping. But this year, everything is better. This coffee is vibrant and tropical, with notes of nectarine, red plum and fruit punch. It has better acidity, better tactical, better EVERYTHING, than last year's offering. If you have enjoyed this beloved purple label coffee from us in the past, we implore you to give this year's lot a sip - you won't be disappointed. 

Producer | Gamatui Community, Sipi Falls Washing Station

Region | Kapchorwa, Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Process | Natural

Variety | SL varieties

Elevation | 1600-1900 masl

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