Benjamin Paz - Red Bourbon Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | Our relationship with Benjamin Paz began long before we opened the doors of Black & White. One of our owners, Kyle, first met Benjamin back in 2015 through a mutual friend (Kevin Bohlin, the mastermind behind Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco - we can't recommend them enough!). Benjamin's mission to help roasters buy high-grown, single-producer, and (often) single-variety lots from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras has resulted in a beautiful and fruitful relationship with us, and we are so honored to call him one of our dearest friends in coffee.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being handpicked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are transported to the wet mill and hand-sorted for quality. They are fermented for 48 hours in blue barrels. Then, they are put in a solar dryer for 18 days, where they are constantly agitated to ensure uniform drying. 

TAKE A SIP | This coffee really toes the line between fermentation impact and approachability. It's certainly a "fermentation-forward" cup, but not so crazy or funky as to deter certain palettes. Think black grapes and red wine, but not quite sangria. It has a smoothness and sweetness about it that's reminiscent of milk chocolate, making it one of the more approachable anaerobic naturals on the cupping table. 


Origin | La Leona, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Benjamin Paz

Farm | La Leona

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Red Bourbon

Elevation | 1550 masl