Benjamin Paz - Washed Gesha

$25.00 USD

MEET THE PRODUCER | Our relationship with Benjamin Paz began long before we opened the doors of Black & White. One of our owners, Kyle, first met Benjamin back in 2015 through a mutual friend (Kevin Bohlin, the mastermind behind Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco - we can't recommend them enough!). Benjamin's mission to help roasters buy high-grown, single-producer, and (often) single-variety lots from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras has resulted in a beautiful and fruitful relationship with us, and we are thrilled to introduce one of his coffees as our second-ever black label release from Honduras (the first was also one of Benjamin's coffees, if that gives you any idea how highly we regard this storied producer).

TRUST THE PROCESS | This lot underwent traditional Honduran Washed processing protocols.

TAKE A SIP | When hot, this coffee screams, "Gesha!" With delicate florals, lemon-y citrus, and a sweetness like honey, the creamy tactile at this temperature reminded us of lemon ice box pie. As the coffee approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, that citric acidity really ramps up to something downright zesty - we perceived fresh lemons, limes, and oranges all at once! Balanced stone fruits like yellow peaches (which we taste throughout the experience) and red cherries are present, and it's sweet on the finish, like a vanilla wafer. When cool, the acidity and citrus characteristics reach new heights, resulting in a cup that is bright and tropical. Tart mango, mixed citrus, and that ever-present peach note are the main influencers here, and the coffee is also sweetest at this temperature. From the first sip to the last, Benjamin's lovely Gesha lot is a beautiful example of what a seasoned and exceptional producer can achieve. 


Origin | El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Benjamin Paz

Farm | La Salsa

Process | Washed

Variety |  Gesha

Elevation | 1680 masl