Bwishaza - CM Natural


MEET THE PRODUCERS | Since 2016, manager Samuel Nshimiyimana and his partner, Jeshua, have worked tirelessly to grow the Bwishaza Cooperative in Rwanda from about 100 members then to nearly 600 today. Of those, 206 members are women, and they have formed the Kungahara Women's Subgroup, under the leadership of Samuel's wife, Angelique. Thanks in part to their first direct trade relationship with Artisan Coffee Imports, these women were able to purchase a plot of community land on which this lot was grown! We are excited about this new partnership with Artisan and thrilled that they've connected us with this group of amazing women (who are producing delicious coffee!) in the Rutsiro District of Rwanda.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, whole coffee cherries are placed in GrainPro bags and left to ferment for 48 hours, during which time CO2 is added to the fermentation environment. The cherries are then removed to African-style raised beds to dry, until optimal moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Friendly and familiar, this cup will be a delight to specialty coffee professionals and their grandmothers alike. With an acidity like orange zest and a fruit profile reminiscent of dried cranberries, this easy drinker is held together by the joyful combination of baking spice and sweetness, reminding us of the brown sugar cinnamon lattes we serve in our own cafes.


Origin | Rutsiro District, Western Province, Rwanda

Producer | Bwishaza Cooperative | Kungahara Women's Subgroup

Process | CM Natural

Variety |  Arabica, Bourbon

Elevation | 1650-1800 masl