Carlos Plazas - Cinnamon Anaerobic


MEET THE PRODUCER | For Carlos Plazas, coffee is a family business. He himself is a 3rd generation coffee farmer and producer, and he currently oversees his beautiful, 19-hectare farm, Bellavista Estate, alongside his wife and son in the small Colombian town of Suaza. Named for the stunning views which can be enjoyed throughout the farm, Bellavista has become a hub for Carlos's delicious experiments in co-fermentation. Co-fermenting processes such as these are becoming increasingly common, particularly in Colombia. Whether it is passionfruit or pineapple or - in this case - cinnamon, co-fermentation is a creative and honest way to introduce new flavors to your cup.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are hand-sorted to ensure quality. Then, they undergo a stint of anaerobic fermentation alongside actual cinnamon. Once the coffee cherries and cinnamon have had plenty of time to mingle, the now cinnamon-infused coffee cherries are laid on patios for drying.

TAKE A SIP | The result is reminiscent of a pop-up holiday bake shop, complete with apple pies, cinnamon doughnuts, maple candy, and a myriad of other treats sprinkled with brown sugar. It's sweet, spiced, and well-suited for sharing with friends and family this holiday season.


Origin | Suaza, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Carlos Plazas

Farm | Bellavista Estate

Process | Cinnamon Anaerobic Honey

Variety | various

Elevation | 1500 masl