Diego Orta - Anaerobic Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | Equation Coffee is a longtime friend of the Black & White family, and if you've been around here awhile, you've likely seen the name of one of their endeavors printed on several of our labels over the years: La Palma y El Tucán. They pioneered anaerobic processing methods in Colombia years ago and still produce arguably the best anaerobic washed coffees we've ever tasted! Their commitment to excellence and obsession with perfecting fermentation methods are two of the reasons they feature so prominently on our menu. 

MEET THE GROWER | Another reason we love our partners at Equation Coffee is because of their profound commitment to community. Since 2013, they have fostered meaningful relationships with over 100 coffee-growing families in the area surrounding their production facility, partnering with them through relationship-driven business models such as Neighbors & Crops. These such programs have changed the lives of many coffee growers in Colombia, and Diego Orta is one such beneficiary. Today's release was grown by Diego on his farm in nearby Santa Maria and then shipped over to the processing gurus at La Palma y El Tucán. After tasting this coffee, we feel certain you'll agree that this partnership is a perfect match.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are transported to the La Palma processing facility in Cundinamarca, where they undergo 190 hours of anaerobic fermentation in GrainPro bags. Then, they begin the drying process in mechanical dryers for 24 hours before being removed to a coffee drying shed to finish up, achieving optimal moisture content about eight days later.

TAKE A SIP | Somehow both boozy and balanced, this coffee is highly drinkable and very versatile. It tastes incredible on both filter and espresso, a near-perfect marriage of pleasant acidity and great sweetness. The body is big and round, and the flavors are tropical and complex, reminding us of black plums, and the sort of dark chocolate square that's been laced with raspberries. 


Origin | Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Equation Coffee

Grower | Diego Orta

Farm | El Rincon

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Colombia

Elevation | 1700 masl