Eduardo Rojas - Pink Bourbon


MEET THE PRODUCER | At age 22, Eduardo Rojas began saving the money he would eventually use to purchase Finca La Loma, the land on which his coffee trees now grow. He began by buying it 1 hectare at a time, until today, at age 55, Eduardo owns the farm outright and lives there with his wife and three children, all of whom are active participants in its success. Eduardo is in charge of managing the farm's cultivation and processes, and he is passionate about things such as soil quality and agronomy. He is currently working to instill that same passion in his children, and he hopes that Finca La Loma will become a cherished family heritage.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This Pink Bourbon lot underwent anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks (with a de-gasser valve) for 39 hours, in a temperature controlled warehouse at 25 degrees Celsius. Then, it underwent mechanical drying for 32 hours before being stored in the warehouse to stabilize for 13 days.

TAKE A SIP | This is a pretty "big" cup of coffee, with many of the flavors being driven by the kind of natural fermentation the coffee underwent. Mixed berry compote stands out as the big fruit flavor here, with a nice citrus backbone (like blood orange) to keep things balanced. With a big, round body and a sweetness like milk chocolate, this coffee is just the sort of cup you might think of when you think of an excellent anaerobic natural.


Origin | Oporapa, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Eduardo Rojas

Farm | La Loma

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1600 masl